I am the afternoon announcer at Celebration Radio, KAMB in Merced, California with 30 years of experience in radio announcing and production. If you need a voice for a spot, a narration, answering system, radio imaging, etc., I have one that might work for you. Click the "Audio" link for more info and some demos.


Photography has been a hobby of mine since high school. Check out some of my favorite photographs.


Check out some articles I've written.   My writing is what you might call "devotional commentary" on the Scriptures. There might be something here that you will find helpful, challenging, informative, thought-provoking or comforting.


This is the home of "Sharathon Helper" a program I developed to track progress during a Sharathon fundraising event. Click to learn more.


Other miscellaneous things - links, Software recommendations, Etc.

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